The Wide World Of Area Rugs

While it is a normal thing to visit a local store randomly to select an area rug, it is generally ideal to understand area rugs before doing any shopping. Area rugs are available in different styles and designs that picking a specific one can only be overwhelming. A perfect way to make you search the rug easier is by understanding a little about the most popular varieties that are already in the market. The following overview will show you some of the most popular types of area rugs:

Oriental Rugs

The workhorses of the rug world are the Oriental rugs. They have been around for some centuries now, and they are prized not only for their fantastic durability but also for their intricate patterns. If you are in search of attractive area rugs to use in a high-traffic area, the best option to consider may be an Oriental rug. A high-end Oriental rug will always continue to look remarkably breathtaking even after several years. Silk versions are among the most expensive, but Oriental rugs woven out of wool tend to be quite affordable. 

Persian Rugs

The mainstays of the Persian rug style are the bright colors and the elaborate designs. These beautiful rugs primarily boast graphic, geometric, or floral patterns. They are revered around the globe when it comes to style. The best thing about them is that they look better as they age. In fact, enthusiasts always seem to argue that brand-new ones look very unattractive than that is 10 or 20 years old. 

Shag Rugs

It is not back in the ‘70s; however, hugely, shag rugs are coming back in these modern days. Unlike their older versions, though, these area rugs are not tacky, and they are busting with vibrant styles. For a better result, it is good to invest in a shag rug that boasts top-notch craftsmanship. 

Braided Rugs

If you were to teleport back into the colonial times, you would come across braided rugs in many homes. Braided rugs are made of braided yarn and other fabrics; in fact, old scraps of materials were used to design these electric and colorful rugs. If you want to choose a country-style theme for your home, you can always select the braided rugs. They can bring an air-of-old-days charm to your home. 

You should always ensure to check out different types of area rugs around the world in addition to the compelling styles that are mentioned above. For instance, flokati rugs are made in Greece. Their thick piles add a plush aspect to any home. You will also love their bursting Mediterranean flair. Tibetan rugs are also one of the best options to consider. To imbue your house with a timeless and mystical feel, always stick with a traditional square tiger pattern. No matter what type of area rug you choose, it will reflect your impeccable style and your personal taste. With that said, you will enjoy selecting rugs for your home.

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